We welcome participation from everyone and encourage you to join us, ask questions, and get involved.

All participation in the Apache DataFusion project is governed by the Apache Software Foundation’s code of conduct.


The vast majority of communication occurs in the open on our github repository in the form of tickets, issues, discussions, and Pull Requests.

Slack and Discord

We use the Slack and Discord platforms for informal discussions and coordination. These are great places to meet other contributors and get guidance on where to contribute. It is important to note that any technical designs and decisions are made fully in the open, on GitHub.

Most of us use the #arrow-datafusion and #arrow-rust channels in the ASF Slack workspace . Unfortunately, due to spammers, the ASF Slack workspace requires an invitation to join. To get an invitation, request one in the Arrow Rust channel of the Arrow Rust Discord server.

Mailing list

We also use’s dev@ mailing list for release coordination and occasional design discussions. Other than the release process, most DataFusion mailing list traffic will link to a GitHub issue or PR for discussion. (subscribe, unsubscribe, archives).

When emailing the dev list, please make sure to prefix the subject line with a [DataFusion] tag, e.g. "[DataFusion] New API for remote data sources", so that the appropriate people in the Apache Arrow community notice the message.