We welcome participation from everyone and encourage you to join us, ask questions, and get involved.

All participation in the Apache Arrow DataFusion project is governed by the Apache Software Foundation’s code of conduct.


Mailing list

We use’s dev@ mailing list for project management, release coorindation and design discussions (subscribe, unsubscribe, archives).

When emailing the dev list, please make sure to prefix the subject line with a [DataFusion] tag, e.g. "[DataFusion] New API for remote data sources", so that the appropriate people in the Apache Arrow community notice the message.

Slack and Discord

We use the official ASF Slack workspace for informal discussions and coordination. This is a great place to meet other contributors and get guidance on where to contribute. Join us in the #arrow-rust channel.

We also have a backup Arrow Rust Discord server (invite link) in case you are not able to join the Slack workspace. If you need an invite to the Slack workspace, you can also ask for one in our Discord server.

Sync up video calls

We have biweekly sync calls every other Thursdays at both 04:00 UTC and 16:00 UTC (starting September 30, 2021) depending on if there are items on the agenda to discuss and someone being willing to host.

Please see the agenda for the video call link, add topics and to see what others plan to discuss.

The goals of these calls are:

  1. Help “put a face to the name” of some of other contributors we are working with

  2. Discuss / synchronize on the goals and major initiatives from different stakeholders to identify areas where more alignment is needed

No decisions are made on the call and anything of substance will be discussed on this mailing list or in github issues / google docs.

We will send a summary of all sync ups to the mailing list.


Our source code is hosted on GitHub. More information on contributing is in the Contribution Guide , and we have curated a [good-first-issue] ( list to help you get started. You can find datafusion’s major designs in docs/source/specification.

We use GitHub issues for maintaining a queue of development work and as the public record. We often use Google docs, Github issues and pull requests for quick and small design discussions. For major design change proposals, we encourage you to write a rfc.