Java ADBC Driver Manager#

Java ADBC Wrapper for JDBC#

The Java ADBC Driver Manager provides a means to manage ADBC drivers and facilitate connections to databases using the ADBC API. This particular implementation wraps around the JDBC API.



A parameter for creating an AdbcDatabase from a DataSource.


A parameter for specifying backend-specific configuration.


A parameter for specifying a URI to connect to, aligning with the C/Go implementations.


class org.apache.arrow.adbc.driver.jdbc.JdbcDriver#

An ADBC driver implementation that wraps around the JDBC API.

open(Map<String, Object> parameters)#

Opens a new database connection using the specified parameters.

class org.apache.arrow.adbc.driver.jdbc.JdbcDataSourceDatabase#

Represents an ADBC database backed by a JDBC DataSource.


The JdbcDriver class provides utility methods to fetch and validate parameters from the provided options map.

org.apache.arrow.adbc.driver.jdbc.JdbcDriver.getParam(Class<T> klass, Map<String, Object> parameters, String... choices)#

Retrieves a parameter from the provided map, validating its type and ensuring no duplicates.


The JdbcDriver class is registered with the AdbcDriverManager upon class loading. To utilize this driver:

  1. Ensure the necessary dependencies are in place.

  2. Create a Map<String, Object> containing the connection parameters.

  3. Use the AdbcDriverManager to obtain an instance of the JdbcDriver.

  4. Open a new database connection using the driver’s open method.


Any errors during the driver operations throw the AdbcException. This exception provides detailed messages indicating the nature of the problem.