ADBC in R is implemented as a suite of R packages. Most users will interact with ADBC via the adbcdrivermanager package and use drivers that are also distributed as R packages. In addition to the low-level interface provided by adbcdrivermanager, you can use read_adbc(), write_adbc() and execute_adbc() to quickly interact with an ADBC connection or database.


# Use the driver manager to connect to a database
db <- adbc_database_init(adbcsqlite::adbcsqlite(), uri = ":memory:")
con <- adbc_connection_init(db)

# Write a table
mtcars |>
  write_adbc(con, "mtcars")

# Query it
con |>
  read_adbc("SELECT * from mtcars") |>

# Clean up
con |>
  execute_adbc("DROP TABLE mtcars")

See individual package documentation for installation and usage details specific to each driver.

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