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xxhash.h File Reference
#include <stddef.h>

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struct  XXH32_canonical_t
struct  XXH64_canonical_t


#define XXH_PUBLIC_API   /* do nothing */
 XXH_PRIVATE_API This is useful to include xxhash functions in static mode in order to inline them, and remove their symbol from the public list. More...


typedef unsigned int XXH32_hash_t
typedef struct XXH32_state_s XXH32_state_t
typedef unsigned long long XXH64_hash_t
typedef struct XXH64_state_s XXH64_state_t


enum  XXH_errorcode { XXH_OK =0, XXH_ERROR }


XXH_PUBLIC_API unsigned XXH_versionNumber (void)
XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH32_hash_t XXH32 (const void *input, size_t length, unsigned int seed)
XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH32_state_tXXH32_createState (void)
XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH_errorcode XXH32_freeState (XXH32_state_t *statePtr)
XXH_PUBLIC_API void XXH32_copyState (XXH32_state_t *dst_state, const XXH32_state_t *src_state)
XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH_errorcode XXH32_reset (XXH32_state_t *statePtr, unsigned int seed)
XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH_errorcode XXH32_update (XXH32_state_t *statePtr, const void *input, size_t length)
XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH32_hash_t XXH32_digest (const XXH32_state_t *statePtr)
XXH_PUBLIC_API void XXH32_canonicalFromHash (XXH32_canonical_t *dst, XXH32_hash_t hash)
XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH32_hash_t XXH32_hashFromCanonical (const XXH32_canonical_t *src)
XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH64_hash_t XXH64 (const void *input, size_t length, unsigned long long seed)
XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH64_state_tXXH64_createState (void)
XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH_errorcode XXH64_freeState (XXH64_state_t *statePtr)
XXH_PUBLIC_API void XXH64_copyState (XXH64_state_t *dst_state, const XXH64_state_t *src_state)
XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH_errorcode XXH64_reset (XXH64_state_t *statePtr, unsigned long long seed)
XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH_errorcode XXH64_update (XXH64_state_t *statePtr, const void *input, size_t length)
XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH64_hash_t XXH64_digest (const XXH64_state_t *statePtr)
XXH_PUBLIC_API void XXH64_canonicalFromHash (XXH64_canonical_t *dst, XXH64_hash_t hash)
XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH64_hash_t XXH64_hashFromCanonical (const XXH64_canonical_t *src)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define XXH_PUBLIC_API   /* do nothing */

XXH_PRIVATE_API This is useful to include xxhash functions in static mode in order to inline them, and remove their symbol from the public list.

Methodology : #define XXH_PRIVATE_API #include "xxhash.h" xxhash.c is automatically included. It's not useful to compile and link it as a separate module.



XXH_NAMESPACE, aka Namespace Emulation :

If you want to include and expose xxHash functions from within your own library, but also want to avoid symbol collisions with other libraries which may also include xxHash,

you can use XXH_NAMESPACE, to automatically prefix any public symbol from xxhash library with the value of XXH_NAMESPACE (therefore, avoid NULL and numeric values).

Note that no change is required within the calling program as long as it includes xxhash.h : regular symbol name will be automatically translated by this header.







Typedef Documentation

◆ XXH32_hash_t

typedef unsigned int XXH32_hash_t

◆ XXH32_state_t

typedef struct XXH32_state_s XXH32_state_t

◆ XXH64_hash_t

typedef unsigned long long XXH64_hash_t

◆ XXH64_state_t

typedef struct XXH64_state_s XXH64_state_t

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ XXH_errorcode


Function Documentation

◆ XXH32()

XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH32_hash_t XXH32 ( const void *  input,
size_t  length,
unsigned int  seed 

XXH32() : Calculate the 32-bits hash of sequence "length" bytes stored at memory address "input". The memory between input & input+length must be valid (allocated and read-accessible). "seed" can be used to alter the result predictably. Speed on Core 2 Duo @ 3 GHz (single thread, SMHasher benchmark) : 5.4 GB/s

◆ XXH32_canonicalFromHash()

XXH_PUBLIC_API void XXH32_canonicalFromHash ( XXH32_canonical_t dst,
XXH32_hash_t  hash 

◆ XXH32_copyState()

XXH_PUBLIC_API void XXH32_copyState ( XXH32_state_t dst_state,
const XXH32_state_t src_state 

◆ XXH32_createState()

XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH32_state_t* XXH32_createState ( void  )

◆ XXH32_digest()

XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH32_hash_t XXH32_digest ( const XXH32_state_t statePtr)

◆ XXH32_freeState()

XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH_errorcode XXH32_freeState ( XXH32_state_t statePtr)

◆ XXH32_hashFromCanonical()

XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH32_hash_t XXH32_hashFromCanonical ( const XXH32_canonical_t src)

◆ XXH32_reset()

XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH_errorcode XXH32_reset ( XXH32_state_t statePtr,
unsigned int  seed 

◆ XXH32_update()

XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH_errorcode XXH32_update ( XXH32_state_t statePtr,
const void *  input,
size_t  length 

◆ XXH64()

XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH64_hash_t XXH64 ( const void *  input,
size_t  length,
unsigned long long  seed 

XXH64() : Calculate the 64-bits hash of sequence of length "len" stored at memory address "input". "seed" can be used to alter the result predictably. This function runs faster on 64-bits systems, but slower on 32-bits systems (see benchmark).

◆ XXH64_canonicalFromHash()

XXH_PUBLIC_API void XXH64_canonicalFromHash ( XXH64_canonical_t dst,
XXH64_hash_t  hash 

◆ XXH64_copyState()

XXH_PUBLIC_API void XXH64_copyState ( XXH64_state_t dst_state,
const XXH64_state_t src_state 

◆ XXH64_createState()

XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH64_state_t* XXH64_createState ( void  )

◆ XXH64_digest()

XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH64_hash_t XXH64_digest ( const XXH64_state_t statePtr)

◆ XXH64_freeState()

XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH_errorcode XXH64_freeState ( XXH64_state_t statePtr)

◆ XXH64_hashFromCanonical()

XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH64_hash_t XXH64_hashFromCanonical ( const XXH64_canonical_t src)

◆ XXH64_reset()

XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH_errorcode XXH64_reset ( XXH64_state_t statePtr,
unsigned long long  seed 

◆ XXH64_update()

XXH_PUBLIC_API XXH_errorcode XXH64_update ( XXH64_state_t statePtr,
const void *  input,
size_t  length 

◆ XXH_versionNumber()

XXH_PUBLIC_API unsigned XXH_versionNumber ( void  )