Apache Arrow (C++)
A columnar in-memory analytics layer designed to accelerate big data.
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writer.h File Reference
#include <cstdint>
#include <functional>
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include "arrow/ipc/message.h"
#include "arrow/util/visibility.h"

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class  arrow::ipc::RecordBatchWriter
 Abstract interface for writing a stream of record batches. More...
class  arrow::ipc::RecordBatchStreamWriter
 Synchronous batch stream writer that writes the Arrow streaming format. More...
class  arrow::ipc::RecordBatchFileWriter
 Creates the Arrow record batch file format. More...


 Top-level namespace for Apache Arrow C++ API.


Status arrow::ipc::WriteRecordBatch (const RecordBatch &batch, int64_t buffer_start_offset, io::OutputStream *dst, int32_t *metadata_length, int64_t *body_length, MemoryPool *pool, int max_recursion_depth=kMaxNestingDepth, bool allow_64bit=false)
 Low-level API for writing a record batch (without schema) to an OutputStream. More...
Status arrow::ipc::SerializeRecordBatch (const RecordBatch &batch, MemoryPool *pool, std::shared_ptr< Buffer > *out)
 Serialize record batch as encapsulated IPC message in a new buffer. More...
Status arrow::ipc::SerializeRecordBatch (const RecordBatch &batch, MemoryPool *pool, io::OutputStream *out)
 Write record batch to OutputStream. More...
Status arrow::ipc::SerializeSchema (const Schema &schema, MemoryPool *pool, std::shared_ptr< Buffer > *out)
 Serialize schema using stream writer as a sequence of one or more IPC messages. More...
Status arrow::ipc::WriteRecordBatchStream (const std::vector< std::shared_ptr< RecordBatch >> &batches, io::OutputStream *dst)
 Write multiple record batches to OutputStream, including schema. More...
Status arrow::ipc::GetRecordBatchSize (const RecordBatch &batch, int64_t *size)
 Compute the number of bytes needed to write a record batch including metadata. More...
Status arrow::ipc::GetTensorSize (const Tensor &tensor, int64_t *size)
 Compute the number of bytes needed to write a tensor including metadata. More...
Status arrow::ipc::GetTensorMessage (const Tensor &tensor, MemoryPool *pool, std::unique_ptr< Message > *out)
 EXPERIMENTAL: Convert arrow::Tensor to a Message with minimal memory allocation. More...
Status arrow::ipc::WriteTensor (const Tensor &tensor, io::OutputStream *dst, int32_t *metadata_length, int64_t *body_length)
 EXPERIMENTAL: Write arrow::Tensor as a contiguous message. More...