Apache Arrow (C++)
A columnar in-memory analytics layer designed to accelerate big data.
arrow::Codec Member List

This is the complete list of members for arrow::Codec, including all inherited members.

Compress(int64_t input_len, const uint8_t *input, int64_t output_buffer_len, uint8_t *output_buffer, int64_t *output_length)=0arrow::Codecpure virtual
Create(Compression::type codec, std::unique_ptr< Codec > *out)arrow::Codecstatic
Decompress(int64_t input_len, const uint8_t *input, int64_t output_len, uint8_t *output_buffer)=0arrow::Codecpure virtual
MaxCompressedLen(int64_t input_len, const uint8_t *input)=0arrow::Codecpure virtual
name() const =0arrow::Codecpure virtual