Apache Arrow (C++)
A columnar in-memory analytics layer designed to accelerate big data.
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ae.h File Reference
#include <time.h>

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struct  aeFileEvent
struct  aeTimeEvent
struct  aeFiredEvent
struct  aeEventLoop


#define AE_OK   0
#define AE_ERR   -1
#define AE_NONE   0
#define AE_READABLE   1
#define AE_WRITABLE   2
#define AE_FILE_EVENTS   1
#define AE_TIME_EVENTS   2
#define AE_DONT_WAIT   4
#define AE_NOMORE   -1
#define AE_DELETED_EVENT_ID   -1
#define AE_NOTUSED(V)   ((void) V)


typedef void aeFileProc(struct aeEventLoop *eventLoop, int fd, void *clientData, int mask)
typedef int aeTimeProc(struct aeEventLoop *eventLoop, long long id, void *clientData)
typedef void aeEventFinalizerProc(struct aeEventLoop *eventLoop, void *clientData)
typedef void aeBeforeSleepProc(struct aeEventLoop *eventLoop)
typedef struct aeFileEvent aeFileEvent
typedef struct aeTimeEvent aeTimeEvent
typedef struct aeFiredEvent aeFiredEvent
typedef struct aeEventLoop aeEventLoop


aeEventLoopaeCreateEventLoop (int setsize)
void aeDeleteEventLoop (aeEventLoop *eventLoop)
void aeStop (aeEventLoop *eventLoop)
int aeCreateFileEvent (aeEventLoop *eventLoop, int fd, int mask, aeFileProc *proc, void *clientData)
void aeDeleteFileEvent (aeEventLoop *eventLoop, int fd, int mask)
int aeGetFileEvents (aeEventLoop *eventLoop, int fd)
long long aeCreateTimeEvent (aeEventLoop *eventLoop, long long milliseconds, aeTimeProc *proc, void *clientData, aeEventFinalizerProc *finalizerProc)
int aeDeleteTimeEvent (aeEventLoop *eventLoop, long long id)
int aeProcessEvents (aeEventLoop *eventLoop, int flags)
int aeWait (int fd, int mask, long long milliseconds)
void aeMain (aeEventLoop *eventLoop)
char * aeGetApiName (void)
void aeSetBeforeSleepProc (aeEventLoop *eventLoop, aeBeforeSleepProc *beforesleep)
int aeGetSetSize (aeEventLoop *eventLoop)
int aeResizeSetSize (aeEventLoop *eventLoop, int setsize)

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#define AE_DELETED_EVENT_ID   -1


#define AE_DONT_WAIT   4


#define AE_ERR   -1


#define AE_FILE_EVENTS   1


#define AE_NOMORE   -1


#define AE_NONE   0


#define AE_NOTUSED (   V)    ((void) V)


#define AE_OK   0


#define AE_READABLE   1


#define AE_TIME_EVENTS   2


#define AE_WRITABLE   2

Typedef Documentation

◆ aeBeforeSleepProc

typedef void aeBeforeSleepProc(struct aeEventLoop *eventLoop)

◆ aeEventFinalizerProc

typedef void aeEventFinalizerProc(struct aeEventLoop *eventLoop, void *clientData)

◆ aeEventLoop

typedef struct aeEventLoop aeEventLoop

◆ aeFileEvent

typedef struct aeFileEvent aeFileEvent

◆ aeFileProc

typedef void aeFileProc(struct aeEventLoop *eventLoop, int fd, void *clientData, int mask)

◆ aeFiredEvent

typedef struct aeFiredEvent aeFiredEvent

◆ aeTimeEvent

typedef struct aeTimeEvent aeTimeEvent

◆ aeTimeProc

typedef int aeTimeProc(struct aeEventLoop *eventLoop, long long id, void *clientData)

Function Documentation

◆ aeCreateEventLoop()

aeEventLoop* aeCreateEventLoop ( int  setsize)

◆ aeCreateFileEvent()

int aeCreateFileEvent ( aeEventLoop eventLoop,
int  fd,
int  mask,
aeFileProc proc,
void *  clientData 

◆ aeCreateTimeEvent()

long long aeCreateTimeEvent ( aeEventLoop eventLoop,
long long  milliseconds,
aeTimeProc proc,
void *  clientData,
aeEventFinalizerProc finalizerProc 

◆ aeDeleteEventLoop()

void aeDeleteEventLoop ( aeEventLoop eventLoop)

◆ aeDeleteFileEvent()

void aeDeleteFileEvent ( aeEventLoop eventLoop,
int  fd,
int  mask 

◆ aeDeleteTimeEvent()

int aeDeleteTimeEvent ( aeEventLoop eventLoop,
long long  id 

◆ aeGetApiName()

char* aeGetApiName ( void  )

◆ aeGetFileEvents()

int aeGetFileEvents ( aeEventLoop eventLoop,
int  fd 

◆ aeGetSetSize()

int aeGetSetSize ( aeEventLoop eventLoop)

◆ aeMain()

void aeMain ( aeEventLoop eventLoop)

◆ aeProcessEvents()

int aeProcessEvents ( aeEventLoop eventLoop,
int  flags 

◆ aeResizeSetSize()

int aeResizeSetSize ( aeEventLoop eventLoop,
int  setsize 

◆ aeSetBeforeSleepProc()

void aeSetBeforeSleepProc ( aeEventLoop eventLoop,
aeBeforeSleepProc beforesleep 

◆ aeStop()

void aeStop ( aeEventLoop eventLoop)

◆ aeWait()

int aeWait ( int  fd,
int  mask,
long long  milliseconds